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Lowell Thomas


A feature documentary is currently in production focusing on Lowell Thomas' life and his contribution to the evolution of broadcast journalism in the United States.


From Lowell's epic adevnture to discover, and then make famous T E Lawrence in the Arabian battlefields of WWI, through his adventures in Tibet and across the world, the documentary will chart the 70 year career of this broadcast pioneer of film, television, print and radio.

The film will feature experts, as well as modern broadcast legends that remember the huge debt they owe to "LT"


“Lowell Thomas was an American original — a crusading journalist, broadcaster, show man, entrepreneur and world class adventurer. For many in my generation he was an early hero with his swashbuckling ways and inexhaustible energy as he raced around the world, sending back radio reports and films of epic events. I can still hear in my memory’s ear the familiar phrase, ‘So long until tomorrow!’ It was a promise kept to his millions of listeners.”

—Tom Brokaw

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